Important news regarding FF Please Read !!

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Important news regarding FF Please Read !!

Postby Scorpio4646 » Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:57 pm

Hi Guys,
As you may have seen on my chat FF has changed their policy again regards storage on their FF cloud

I have had 8TB 26,000 files deleted. Bad news.
So there will be a lot of broken links on my site.
FF is by far the best cloud storage site
Please only request replacements if you want them and not just because you have noticed they are broken.
I already have max uploads on the account I use.
My idea with this site was to have ALL links on my site up to date as best as I could. I still have all files stored on my hard Drives.

There are 2 ways I can continue

1. I can keep to one FF account with a limit of 5Tb about 14,000 files or I can buy new premium accounts as I need them ie 1 now until I have reached the 5TB limit and the another as required.

2. I would prefer to buy new accounts as I need them. This would of course mean extra expense every year.

I am willing to do the extra work to gradually replace the broken links
This is where you come in. I cannot afford very much extra expense and would require you to support the site financially.
As little as 5€ or dollars or pounds would be enough to keep the site going.
I am sorry to have to ask you to help again. It would be nice if a few of the newer members would help instead of the wonderful few who dip into their pockets every time of asking

Please pm me for details to donate

And let me know which way you want me to go. (1 or2)

Most of all
Enjoy the site :D



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