Neighbours E8701-8800

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Neighbours E8701-8800

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Neighbours E8701-8800

Tuesday September 14, 2021 Neighbours 8701
252.7 MB
Amy has an idea to keep both her relationships and Toadie's friendship intact. Rose organises a Father's Day family picnic with Toadie and his kids.

Wednesday September 15, 2021 Neighbours 8702
251.3 MB
With Mackenzie and Susan's help, Melanie launches into a secret project to win back Toadie. Aaron and David enjoy their first Father's Day as a family of three, unaware that they're being closely watched.

Thursday September 16, 2021 Neighbours 8703
251.6 MB
Aaron and David face every parent's nightmare. Will Toadie choose the persistent Rose, or the heartsick Melanie?

Monday September 20, 2021 Neighbours 8704
249.2 MB
Aaron and David are gripped by frantic panic as they realise their daughter has been taken. All of Ramsay Street pitches in to help the police search throughout the night.

Tuesday September 21, 2021 Neighbours 8705
250.8 MB
Three households are thrown into chaos as the truth of what has really been going on over the past few months finally comes to light.

Wednesday September 22, 2021 Neighbours 8706
251.9 MB
Tensions are high between the parenting trio as they struggle to navigate a way forward. Despite Paul's attempt at damage control, Terese is disgusted with Paul and his machinations.

Thursday September 23, 2021 Neighbours 8707
251.5 MB
David and Aaron are struggling to bond with Isla. Leo and Britney agree to work things out between them, for Abigail's sake. Hendrix avoids Mackenzie's probing questions.

Monday September 27, 2021 Neighbours 8708
248.4 MB
Hendrix's search for an escape ends in trouble. Melanie expertly deals with an awkward question from Nell, leaving Toadie even more enamoured with her.

Tuesday September 28, 2021 Neighbours 8709
250.4 MB
Hendrix reaches out to Kyle and reveals the reason he's been acting out. Levi and Ned feel terrible about leaving Amy alone on her first night in her new place, so decide to throw her a housewarming party.

Wednesday September 29, 2021 Neighbours 8710
247.5 MB
The prospect that there were three in Amy's bed last night drives Sheila wild. Aaron and David offer to look after Abigail, but it doesn't land well when Britney and Leo return home.

Thursday September 30, 2021 Neighbours 8711
250.6 MB
Nicolette can't believe it when she sees Chloe wearing the engagement ring. Paul thinks he's got a genius plan to win Terese back by inviting Jesse to Melbourne.

Monday October 4, 2021 Neighbours 8712
248.4 MB
Tensions rise as Nicolette refuses to let go of how she's been parenting Isla. Paul is holding out hope that Jesse's visit will help soften Terese's rage.

Tuesday October 5, 2021 Neighbours 8713
245.2 MB
Nicolette feels Aaron and David are constantly watching her. Upon realising Chloe's taking off to Adelaide, Harlow sees an opportuniy to step up and help Terese at Lassiters.

Wednesday October 6, 2021 Neighbours 8714
246.2 MB
Amy is still struggling with the racy rumours, but hasn't come clean to Ned and Levi about what her issue really is. To Mackenzie's disappointment, Hendrix accepts her push for a break.

Thursday October 7, 2021 Neighbours 8715
254.8 MB
Everyone's on tenterhooks as Hendrix visits the doctor. Will he get the result he's after? Levi opens up to Amy about wanting to date other people.

Monday October 11, 2021 Neighbours 8716
240.4 MB
Levi is thrown by Amy's hypocritical stance and questions their relationship. Harlow fakes an error into the roster Chloe created, to one-up herself.

Tuesday October 12, 2021 Neighbours 8717
247.8 MB
Terese makes it clear the way Paul uses people to get his way is unacceptable. David and Aaron are forced to leave Nicolette alone with Isla for the day and can't help but worry she might disappear again.

Wednesday October 13, 2021 Neighbours 8718
248.9 MB
When Nicolette catches the boys making a call to Leo for some Abigail time, she's defensive on Isla's behalf. Brent is not sure if there;'s a future for him with this very different Harlow.

Thursday October 14, 2021 Neighbours 8719
252.8 MB
Harlow works hard to hide her emotions, which concerns Paul and Terese. Amy becomes fixated on spying on Levi's date with Felicity.

Monday October 18, 2021 Neighbours 8720
251.9 MB
Amy works herself into a tizz thinking Levi is planning to leave their relationship. Both Mackenzie and Hendrix believe the other is ready to take things to the next level.

Tuesday October 19, 2021 Neighbours 8721
251.5 MB
A guilty Kyle tells Roxy his reason for visiting Frankston and she quietly processes the news. Tensions flare when Nicolette refuses to consider giving Aaron and David more than 50/50 custody.

Wednesday October 20, 2021 Neighbours 8722
252.6 MB
Paul makes inquiries into criminal lawyers, rattling Nicolette and Jane. Mel reacts badly to a medical issue. Toadie is delighted when Nell shows an interest in his pro-wrestling pastime.

Thursday October 21, 2021 Neighbours 8723
250.2 MB
Terese reveals to Harlow that she misses Paul and is sad at the thought of spending her life without him. A conflicted Aaron gets advice from Toadie to take up Paul's offer.

Monday October 25, 2021 Neighbours 8724
252.3 MB
Tensions are high at Number 32 as Aaron and David have their first meeting with the lawyers. Paul is making Terese very shaky, and she's verging on the edge of a breakdown.

Tuesday October 26, 2021 Neighbours 8725
249.4 MB
Things go from bad to worse for Terese. Toadie starts to put the pieces together and thinks he knows what Kyle is hiding.

Wednesday October 27, 2021 Neighbours 8726
253.1 MB
Kyle decides to keep his secret quiet, not wanting his family to know before he has a clear idea of what he's dealing with. Amy, on the outer with both her boyfriends, makes another big mistake.

Thursday October 28, 2021 Neighbours 8727
260.8 MB
Roxy works hard to be Kyle's rock, but is left feeling like she's not doing a good job. Felicity is not interested in having a poly relationship, which is not a good sign for Levi.

Monday November 1, 2021 Neighbours 8728
252.0 MB
Amy is shocked to see Felicity give Levi another chance. Tension between Nicolette, Aaron and David persists in the house and Jane's attempt to promote harmony is failing.

Tuesday November 2, 2021 Neighbours 8729
253.5 MB
Nicolette, David and Aaron work out a truce. Hendrix sets up for a perfect evening with Mackenzie. Being around Paul is too much of an emotional weight for Terese to bare.

Wednesday November 3, 2021 Neighbours 8730
251.9 MB
Chloe realises there's been a mistake when Mick Allsop shows up to his first day at Lassiters. Despite her best efforts to avoid Paul, Terese struggles with her demons.

Thursday November 4, 2021 Neighbours 8731
251.0 MB
Chloe confronts Harlow, suspecting she orchestrated Mick's hiring as a form of revenge. Paul catches a glimpse of a familiar face he hasn't seen for a long time.

Monday November 8, 2021 Neighbours 8732
250.6 MB
Kyle still isn't ready to tell Sheila what's really going on. Terese is livid to discover Paul hasn't left the resort, and doesn't buy his story about Glen.

Tuesday November 9, 2021 Neighbours 8733
247.8 MB
Terese is privately shocked to learn the stranger who helped her at the beach is Paul's brother. Amy is doing her best to endear herself to Levi's new flame Felicity.

Wednesday November 10, 2021 Neighbours 8734
250.2 MB
With Kyle's surgery fast approaching, Roxy's efforts to help keep missing the mark. Both Levi and Amy are furious about the games Ned and Felicity have been playing.

Thursday November 11, 2021 Neighbours 8735
252.2 MB
Kyle wakes up to discover some terrible news. Aaron and David are as shocked as Nicolette about the camera in the teddy. Levi shares an itch with Amy and Ned.

Monday November 15, 2021 Neighbours 8736
252.4 MB
Kyle's furious Roxy told Sheila about his cancer diagnosis. Amy backs out of telling Chloe that Mick is squatting in the hotel. Terese doesn't expect she'll see Glen again, but is she wrong?

Tuesday November 16, 2021 Neighbours 8737
251.0 MB
Chloe and Harlow work together to bring Mick down. Terese is curious about Glen's reasons for returning to Erinsborough.

Wednesday November 17, 2021 Neighbours 8738
252.4 MB
Glen is determined to ensure Terese secures her freedom from Paul. Aaron, David and Nicolette struggle to move past the teddy cam incident, and cancel Isla's naming day barbeque.

Thursday November 18, 2021 Neighbours 8739
246.9 MB
Terese is shocked to learn that Glen also struggles with addiction. Jane's made another mistake, and this time it backfires on her in an extremely painful way.

Monday November 22, 2021 Neighbours 8740
252.3 MB
Kyle is worried that after his surgery he won't be able to satisfy Roxy in the way she needs. Amy is relieved when Ned and Levi's symptoms of their itch subside.

Tuesday November 23, 2021 Neighbours 8741
252.0 MB
Kyle and Roxy celebrate big news. Melanie is confronted by a challenging request. The sight of Ned and Levi getting sweaty triggers something else for Amy.

Wednesday November 24, 2021 Neighbours 8742
251.5 MB
Mick's constant needling of Amy prompts Harlow to realise there's an issue between them. Paul's disappointed to see Terese still isn't wearing her wedding ring.

Thursday November 25, 2021 Neighbours 8743
260.8 MB
Paul is thrilled Terese has accepted his new ring, but when Glen learns of this, he's horrified. Will Chloe and Nic find their way back to what they once had?

Monday November 29, 2021 Neighbours 8744
252.0 MB
Paul reels to learn Glen's real reason for coming to Erinsborough. Hendrix feels terrible he hasn't been there for Kyle. Chloe and Nic explore new horizons.

Tuesday November 30, 2021 Neighbours 8745
253.9 MB
Chloe's taken aback by Nicolette's bold kiss. Hendrix gets a chance to redeem himself when Kyle asks a favour. Nell's obsession with her dress and crystal ball shows no sign of abating.

Wednesday December 1, 2021 Neighbours 8746
249.2 MB
Toadie and Mel pick up the pieces of Nell's broken heart. Ned is worried Levi's colleagues will upset Amy further at the Police Ball. Mackenzie is unnerved by Harlow's seeming lack of compassion.

Thursday December 2, 2021 Neighbours 8747
260.8 MB
Terese becomes overwhelmed seeing Paul at the Police Ball, while Kyle pushes himself too far to have a nice night out with Roxy. Ned and Levi bid for Amy's attention.

Monday December 6, 2021 Neighbours 8748
249.6 MB
Ned makes one last play for Amy to agree to dump Levi and be exclusive with him. Feeling closer to Terese after their dance at the ball, Paul asks if she will try marriage counselling.

Tuesday December 7, 2021 Neighbours 8749
250.0 MB
When discussions turn to Christmas plans, the parenting trio find themselves at odds. With Roxy working, Kyle decides to plan the wedding himself.

Wednesday December 8, 2021 Neighbours 8750
251.4 MB
Tension reigns in the Tanaka house as the standoff over where everyone wants to be for Christmas continues. Mackenzie and Roxy have a suspicion... is Harlow becoming just like her father?

Thursday December 9, 2021 Neighbours 8751
257.1 MB
Christmas in the Tanaka House gets off to a promising start, despite Jane and Nicolette's stress about spending the day with Paul. Terese lies to everyone about where she plans to spend Christmas.

Monday January 3, 2021 Neighbours 8752
253.3 MB
Ned decides he's all in with Amy and the poly-relationship is back on track. David has an idea of what could really be the issue with Harlow.

Tuesday January 4, 2021 Neighbours 8753
252.9 MB
Kyle has unwittingly hired Mick Alllsop as the wedding planner and Sheila and Roxy are horrified. Amy desperately wants to reconnect with her daughter...but what will this mean for her relationships?

Wednesday January 5, 2021 Neighbours 8754
252.7 MB
Harlow is furious that Glen is acting as Terese's guard dog and is determined to find dirt on him in his hotel room. Zara is not keen to share her mother's affections with two new men.

Thursday January 6, 2021 Neighbours 8755
252.4 MB
Harlow is intent on keeping an eye on Uncle Glen. Roxy is still yet to secure her bridesmaids. Glen pays Terese a visit and uncovers a dangerous secret.

Monday January 10, 2021 Neighbours 8756
251.7 MB
Roxy is ecstatic to have her mother Gemma back in town for the wedding. Jane has enough of Paul's selfishness and snaps at him.

Tuesday January 11, 2021 Neighbours 8757
252.1 MB
Vera Punt's personality causes tension at Leo's investment lunch at the vineyard. Sheila warns Gemma that she needs to support Roxy or risk losing her daughter.

Wednesday January 12, 2021 Neighbours 8758
252.8 MB
Roxy is furious and confronts Harlow about her recent outburst. Amy is struggling to keep Zara happy. Toadie and Susan suggest if Zara wants to stay in Erinsborough, she should get a job.

Thursday January 13, 2021 Neighbours 8759
252.1 MB
Glen denies to Mel any feelings he might have for Terese. Britney musters her courage to lay her heart on the line with Leo. Zara asks Amy to cool things with the guys and focus only on her.

Monday January 17, 2021 Neighbours 8760
253.9 MB
Levi's left reeling by Zara's false accusation, and Amy doesn't know what to believe. Zara's selfish behaviour continues to frustrate Toadie. Glen is thrown when Terese offers him a room at her place.

Tuesday January 18, 2021 Neighbours 8761
254.6 MB
Amy attempts to discipline Zara, but Zara gets in her ear about how judgmental Toadie is being. Roxy and Kyle are excited for their Hen's and Buck's parties.

Wednesday January 19, 2021 Neighbours 8762
251.1 MB
Despite Roxy's defeated declaration the wedding is off, Kyle refuses to give up. Glen turns his attention to the recently returned Gemma, and Terese is definitely jealous.

Thursday January 20, 2021 Neighbours 8763
254.4 MB
The wedding party is brimming with excitement for Kyle and Roxy's big day. As the violent storm engulfs the complex, the wedding party takes shelter in the Flamingo Bar. Is it safe there?

Monday January 24, 2021 Neighbours 8764
252.5 MB
Erinsborough mourns a loved one. Terese can't help but feel responsible for the accident. Paul and Glen turn over a new leaf.

Tuesday January 25, 2021 Neighbours 8765
249.7 MB
Leo's nearest and dearest rally around to help him manage. Levi catches a mysterious woman hovering around the Flamingo Bar rubble.

Wednesday January 26, 2021 Neighbours 8766
252.0 MB
Kyle rallies the troops at the vineyard to clean up the storm damage for Leo. As Terese cares for Paul, the spark that brought them together comes back to life.

Thursday January 27, 2021 Neighbours 8767
252.2 MB
Levi can't say no when Sheila sets him up on a date with Freya. Amy is stressed about supporting herself and Zara, while Zara decides it's time to cause some more chaos.

Monday January 31, 2021 Neighbours 8768
253.1 MB
Amy's struggles with Zara take a deadly turn. Kyle and Roxy face a hard situation on their honeymoon.

Tuesday February 1, 2021 Neighbours 8769
249.9 MB
Abandoned by Zara, Amy's in dire straits, struggling to breathe and unable to save herself. Paul is confident he and Terese are on the road to reconciliation.

Wednesday February 2, 2021 Neighbours 8770
253.7 MB
Leo knows someone is responsible for Britney's death, and he's going to make them pay. Paul convinces Terese to return to marriage counselling.

Thursday February 3, 2021 Neighbours 8771
249.7 MB
Leo is on the brink of exhaustion when every parent's worst nightmare strikes. Levi can't help falling for Freya, but her own intentions remain shrouded in mystery.

Monday February 7, 2021 Neighbours 8772
253.2 MB
Leo's consumed with guilt and fear as Abigail is rushed to hospital. Amidst a Ramsay Street cricket match, Levi uncovers why Freya came to Erinsborough in the first place.

Tuesday February 8, 2021 Neighbours 8773
253.8 MB
Leo is on the brink of exhaustion when every parent's worst nightmare strikes. Levi can't help falling for Freya, but her own intentions remain shrouded in mystery.

Wednesday February 9, 2021 Neighbours 8774
247.9 MB
After catching Freya red-handed, Roxy questions her intentions with Levi. Zara is eager to impress the popular girls. Paul does what's necessary to keep Terese close.

Thursday February 10, 2021 Neighbours 8775
253.6 MB
Ramsay Street is worried about Leo, overwhelmed with grief and guilt. Paul's risky deceit pays dividends.

Monday February 14, 2021 Neighbours 8776
246.8 MB
David and Karl investigate Paul's mystery illness. Leo can't face being a single parent, and with nowhere left to turn, he's about to do something drastic.

Tuesday February 15, 2021 Neighbours 8777
250.0 MB
Aaron and David are thrown by Leo's request. Roxy is convinced that Freya's hiding something. Amy struggles to keep her head above water.

Wednesday February 16, 2021 Neighbours 8778
250.7 MB
Freya is shaken by Roxy's break-in and pushes Levi away. Amy's feeling lonely and hard done by when an unexpected gift brightens her world. Fed up with Zara's insolence, Jane comes down on her hard.

Thursday February 17, 2021 Neighbours 8779
251.9 MB
Zara's chuffed to learn Aubrey and Sadie pulled the prank on Jane to get revenge. Triumphant Paul convinces Terese to invite the family over to celebrate their reconciliation.

Monday February 21, 2021 Neighbours 8780
250.5 MB
David is still suspicious about Dr Russell, which leads to a shocking discovery. An absent Leo pulls further and further away from Abigail. Everyone urges him to get his act together.

Tuesday February 22, 2021 Neighbours 8781
251.3 MB
Terese is furious Paul manipulated her and his deceit destroys their reconciliation. Afraid of losing her, Levi invites Freya to a romantic date. Roxy's mission has a breakthrough.

Wednesday February 23, 2021 Neighbours 8782
251.8 MB
Levi is left reeling as Freya admits to manipulating him. Fed up with the tension in Number 30, Mackenzie looks for a way out. Zara's wild streak flares up as she crosses a major line.

Thursday February 24, 2021 Neighbours 8783
252.0 MB
Sheila and Kyle distract Levi from his heartbreak. Enduring constant sniggering and teasing from her students, Jane finally cracks.

Monday February 28, 2021 Neighbours 8784
251.0 MB
Aaron's worried about Abigail, but he and David can't agree on what's best for her. Mackenzie's fed up with Hendrix's support of Zara. Is Zara just a troublesome teen, or a disaster waiting to happen?

Tuesday March 1, 2021 Neighbours 8785
248.2 MB
David's reeling from Aaron's decision to take steps to become Abigail's legal parents. Nic is nervous about the complications of co-parenting Abby and Isla. Paul's attempt to win back Terese backfires.

Wednesday March 2, 2021 Neighbours 8786
248.6 MB
Levi's determined to move on from Freya but worries she'll hang around in Erinsborough until she finds Gareth. Terese celebrates the start of a new chapter in her life.

Thursday March 3, 2021 Neighbours 8787
250.8 MB
Levi is held at gunpoint by an agitated, paranoid stranger. Zara's troublesome reputation spreads like wildfire across Ramsay Street. Glen is looking for ways to lift Terese's mood.

Monday March 7, 2021 Neighbours 8788
249.0 MB
Amy contemplates sending Zara back to Cairns. Levi struggles with whether or not to help Freya.

Tuesday March 8, 2021 Neighbours 8789
249.2 MB
Leo is still torn over whether to give up Abigail. Levi goes against his family's advice and decides to help Freya track down Gareth.

Wednesday March 9, 2021 Neighbours 8790
249.0 MB
Leo's decision has thrown everyone for a loop, leaving his brother overwhelmed. Paul's health has been declining but his family ignore him, believing he's faking to get Terese's attention.

Thursday March 10, 2021 Neighbours 8791
248.0 MB
Every minute that passes with Paul unconscious is costing him. Freya and Levi chase up a lead on Gareth. Is their search only putting them in even more danger?

Monday March 14, 2021 Neighbours 8792
252.4 MB
Hendrix hasn't told Mackenzie about the kiss with Zara, hoping it will blow over. Aaron discovers David has been telling his friend Dean all about their issues and is furious.

Tuesday March 15, 2021 Neighbours 8793
249.6 MB
Paul can't help feeling abandoned by Terese and David. Zara realises Sadie and Aubrey have betrayed her. Glen is surprisingly un-exuberant about having won a trip away.

Wednesday March 16, 2021 Neighbours 8794
248.4 MB
Zara and Mackenzie are trapped as fire rages through the school, with everyone believing Zara lit the fire. Hendrix charges into the danger zone to save Mackenzie.

Thursday March 17, 2021 Neighbours 8795
251.9 MB
Arrested and facing jail time, Zara tries to defend herself. Roxy decides to make plans to start a family. David is still walking on eggshells around Aaron.

Monday March 21, 2021 Neighbours 8796
253.7 MB
Having found a note from Zara claiming they're better off without her, Amy and Toadie organise a search party. Will they find her before it's too late?

Tuesday March 22, 2021 Neighbours 8797
251.6 MB
David's furious with Aaron for his jealous attack on Dean. Levi refocuses on finding Gareth, but it gets awkward fast when he notices Freya acting different.

Wednesday March 23, 2021 Neighbours 8798
246.7 MB
Paul's caught off guard when he finds out Terese's lawyer is after his assets. Roxy's thrilled about the upcoming pitch for Montana Marcel's Fashion Week.

Thursday March 24, 2021 Neighbours 8799
253.6 MB
Levi refuses to believe that Freya is a stalker. David is upset about the state of his marriage. Amy and Zara slowly come back together after the school fire.

Monday March 28, 2021 Neighbours 8800
252.7 MB
Nicolette enjoys a surprising new romance. Meanwhile, Levi comes clean to Freya about Ned and Harlow's run-in with Gareth.

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