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What I trying to achieve in this Forum

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 5:07 pm
by Scorpio4646
Welcome to my forum

In this forum you will find my favorite TV Series
I only post Scripted TV Series
I am trying to build a catalogue of the very best of Worldwide TV Series, both vintage and up to date
I try to find hard to find Classic series from UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.
I will always try my best to get complete series, this can take several months
I back up all my files to Filefactory and only post Filefactory links on this site
I also keep backups on my hard drives

I do not post Cartoons Documentaries or Reality Shows
I do not post every programme that I find, only the ones that appeal to me or are requested by my members.
If a new series is aired I will always look at the 1st episode to see if it is worth posting.
If you cannot find a Programme here please leave a message either in the chat or in the request Forum and I will try my best to find it

I will repost broken links when reported to me in the chat or comments forum

Well thats a brief summary of what I am trying to do and I hope you enjoy your visit